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It is an honor to receive great feedback from clients.


Testimonial for Valerie K. Pharr Professional Organizer in Bend, Oregon by Lee Loomis.

“I am so grateful for your help, Valerie. You are amazing!

— Lee Loomis —


“I was pleased to have Valerie help me pack up my old house
while helping me decide what to keep or donate.
She also organized my new place which I’m very happy with.
Valerie organized my daughters home while she was hospitalized
which gave her a nice pretty place to come home to.
I know Valerie to be an honest, hardworking and sweet individual and highly recommend.”

— Frances Borchin —



“Thanks for all the hard work yesterday!
I wanted to let you know we were inspired to attack the crazy playroom
(thru the little door) and we got rid of two whole garbage bags
of tiny messy arts and crafts stuff, old broken toys, etc.!

No more little rubber bands!

Have a great Thanksgiving!”

— Elisa —


Before and After Bathroom Closet


I choose to uphold the highest standards of service for all my clients.

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